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The modern man is threatened by deteriorating environment—polluted air and depleted water source, pesticides and chemicals—and added to that are a life in the fast lane, stress, entertainment, late nights, computers and mobile phones which damage the liver and the male prostate gland.

But a man has to do whatever he can to support his family and carve a desirable career.

With this sort of ravages day-in-day-out, even Superman will fall, let alone men.

With increasing age, the prostate gland will naturally age and give rise to problems, just like the hair turning grey and the face mapped with more wrinkles over time. People need to learn to get accustomed to these problems gradually, living in peace with diseases that accompany old age.

According to WHO surveys, there are 152,990,000 men in the world having prostate problems and erectile dysfunction. According to a report by the Malaysian Ministry of Health, 69% of Malaysian men above 30 suffer from decline in sexual prowess, premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction. What is more alarming is the fact that the problem is catching up with younger generations.

Among men above 35,

1 out of 2 has this problem.

Among men above 80,

8 out of 10 have it.

Their marital intimacy is thus greatly compromised.

R&D Unit & Studies

A German R&D unit has conducted various studies and proven that the combination of more than 15 trace elements such as flavonoids, glycosylated flavonoids, straight-chain organic acids, steroids, androgen etc can effectively promote cardiovascular function and strengthen the heart without creating any extra burden on the heart, nervous or muscular system. These trace elements can replenish energy and stamina speedily, definitely the best nutitional supplement for sports enthusiasts.

Medical studies have proven that high levels of flavonoid and glycosylated flavonoid can promote blood circulation to the penis, stimulate cavernosum smooth muscle cells to activate cyclic guanosine monophosphate CGMP, produce relaxation and increase blood flow. All these effects enhance penis function and sensitivity, thereby improving health and married life. There are also various reports to show that AK-II is extremely safe for men and devoid of side effects.